Film Week in English

For students in the upper grades 5 - 8

Take on the role of screenwriter, director or actor for one week to create your very own short film and improve your English in the process!

Taught by two native English speakers.

Patricia is an English teacher with over 20 years’ teaching experience.

Chloe is a professional photographer who also has taught English in Vienna for 10 years.

  1. For students with skills level B1 or higher

  2. Two native-speaker instructors

  3. Class size 20 students, with flexibility for larger classes (Students will be divided into teams of 5)

  4. 30 hours total: 6 hours per day

  5. Necessary materials: 1 laptop or notebook (Apple or Microsoft) and one smart phone per team, all other materials will be provided

Students are immersed in the world of English-language film and have a fantastic time creating their own short film. Their English skills are strengthened and improve as a side-effect!

Optional Choice of Content

  1. Taught at your school premises

  2. Order at least 3 months in advance to help ensure availability