One-on-one English Courses

Taught by an English native speaker with over 20 years teaching experience.

For people of all ages looking to improve their English skills.

After your free consultation, we will custom design a course for you that is exciting and fun and helps you to reach your individual goals effectively.

Work on any or all of the following skills within your own area of focus:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Text writing
  • Verbal Communication
  • Reading and listening comprehension


  1. Pre-course consultation to establish needs and objectives

  2. Language assessment

  3. Unique course plan based on your needs and goals

  4. Post-course evaluative report

  5. Available at your workplace, online, or at a location of choice

*Course intensity and length will be determined during the initial consultation. Weekly sessions are recommended for best results.

Optional Choice of Content

  1. Pitching and presentation skills

    The ability to speak with authentic enthusiasm, confidence and clarity is key to getting the results you desire.

    This course will teach you to define your key message and incorporate it within an exciting structure. Learn how to tell stories that captivate your listeners, while staying precise and on-point. Practice voice and body-language techniques that help you look and sound confident and authentic.

  2. Meetings and negotiations

    Building the rapport necessary for successful meetings and negotiations requires a specific set of grammar skills and an acute awareness of cultural and communicational differences.

    This course will give participants the essential grammar and language skills needed for successful meetings and negotiations, covering topics like relationship-building, questioning, bargaining and persuasion techniques.

  3. Networking and client relations

    Successful business relationships rely on a solid knowledge of the vocabulary, phrases and grammar needed for rapport and relationship building.

    Emphasis of this course is on vocabulary, grammar and role-playing so you are best prepared to communicate with confidence in professional social situations.

  4. Professional telephone communication

  5. Writing skills: emails, reports and social media

  6. English Conversation: based on essays, articles, books, and visual media

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