About us

Patricia Stephenson

Founder of presenting.at and course instructor

I was born in Chicago and have been living in Austria for 30 years. Therefore, I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in a foreign language, and to struggle to find the words to come across, at the very least, as a mildly intelligent human being.

So, I am very passionate about helping other people to feel confident and secure in the English language. Mother to three children, I began teaching English as a second language in 2001 and have been holding courses in English presentation skills at universities and colleges and coaching private business clients in Vienna since 2018.

It is very satisfying to see student’s skills improve, their confidence levels rise. And I’ve seen that it is really doesn’t take much effort for people to get great results, just the right input in the right places. Thus, the idea of “Presenting.at” was born.

Chloe Potter

Professional photographer and native English teacher

Born in Connecticut in the midst of a family of artists, Chloe had the opportunity to perform on stage in a family theatre company starting at just 4 years old. She moved from New York to Vienna in 2001 and has been working as a photographer, artist, and English teacher for 25 years. She most recently taught English as a Native Speaker Teacher for 5 years. She continues to work as a photographer and artist, and has successfully taught photography and film workshops for project weeks. She has a BFA with honors in photography from the well-known Rhode Island School of Design, and enjoys mixing her artistic experience and skills in creating creative and engaging lessons for her students. If you are interested in seeing her artistic or photography work, you can check out her websites at www.chloepotter.com or https://chloepotter.myportfolio.com

Peter Agathakis

Professional podcaster and radio host

Peter Agathakis is the expert on voice, body language and microphone technique. He has been working as a moderator since 1999. Beginning at Radio Wien, “Auf & Davon”, 1999—2014 and from 2015—today, at Radio Arabella and in the Podcast series, “Rund um die Welt” and “die Trend-Chatterei”. He has enjoyed teaching professional moderation since 2004.

His experience, warm demeanor and natural approach are why I asked him to join me at “presenting.at”.


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